Be a Hero to a Pet and Owner in Need

The DCAP Dallas Pets For Life program (PFL) goes directly into low income Dallas neighborhoods with pets in need, offering education and resources to help people better care for their pets.

Our last vaccination outreach clinic was so successful that we couldn’t vaccinate every pet that showed up! So on August 24, we will hold a special event and invite those pet owners we weren’t able to assist to come out and get their pets vaccinated for free.

Here’s how you can help: DCAP needs to pay for 200 pet vaccinations at $21.00 per pet. That comes to $4,200.00. Think of it as volunteering; you volunteer to pay for one vaccination or even part of one – just $5.00 – and you’ve contributed to the well being of your community. You’ve helped a disadvantaged pet owner keep their pet healthy and happy.

You are a hero to a pet and their owner. You are a hero to us!

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